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Bitfocus, Inc., is a system administration and software development firm. We partner with communities everyday to use software, systems, data, and policy to transform Human Services and drive positive social change.

  • 75+ Clarity Human Services installations
  • 45% Average Installation Increase in 2016 Alone

  • 50+ Staff Within The Bitfocus Team

  • 20,000+ End Users Trained in More Than 12,500 Programs and 4,000 Agencies

  • 98% Of Leadership Staff With Extensive Human Services Leadership Experience

How to Talk About Bitfocus and Clarity Human Services

Bitfocus is our company, and Clarity Human Services is our software product.

When first introducing our company, please use our full legal name, “Bitfocus, Inc.” On subsequent references, shorten to “Bitfocus.”

When first introducing our software, please refer to it as “Clarity Human Services by Bitfocus.” On subsequent references, shorten to “Clarity Human Services.” Never abbreviate as “Clarity”; always use “Clarity Human Services” in full.

About Our Product, Clarity Human Services

Clarity Human Services, developed by Bitfocus, is a cloud-based SaaS client management software designed to meet the demands of all health, human, and social services. Clarity Human Services is known around the industry for its ease-of-use, powerful features, and modern, intuitive interface. In just a few years, Clarity Human Services has become the industry frontrunner in client management software today.

Our role as both system administrator and software vendor has given us the hands-on perspective and extensive experience necessary to create case management software truly shaped by the very people who use it on a daily basis.


About Our Company, Bitfocus

Founded in 2003, Bitfocus is changing the way communities nationwide integrate software, systems, data, and policy to innovate and strengthen the nation’s social safety net. We develop software and administer data systems that affect and change lives, connecting our most vulnerable populations to the most effective resources available in their communities. Our team empowers organizations and communities to better leverage their resources, helping them to become data-driven in their efforts in all areas of health, human, and social services.

Bitfocus proudly partners with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Seattle and over 50 other communities—serving over 20,000 end users, 12,500 programs, and 4,000 agencies. We also now serve as HMIS System Administrator for numerous high-profile CoCs, including San Francisco, State of Nevada, Santa Clara County (San Jose / Silicon Valley), Marin County, and Seattle / King County.


The Bitfocus Team

The Bitfocus team comprises more than 50 dedicated individuals. Our leadership staff alone comprises over 12 members who have led in an administrative or leadership role within a Human Services environment. We’re proud to have the most passionate, knowledgeable team of technology and policy experts in the industry.