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3 Ways to Bridge the Technology Gap with a User-Friendly HMIS

The technology gap in the Human Services workforce requires a user-friendly, customizable HMIS in order to efficiently serve your community's homeless.

Mental Illness and Homelessness: 3 Ways Communities Can Help

How can service providers better help those experiencing both mental illness and homelessness? Here are three solutions.

Three Steps to Highly Successful Coordinated Assessment

A successful Coordinated Assessment model requires three basic processes: Determine Client Need, Precise Program Assignment, and Share Data Securely.

Best Practices: Data Collection for Coordinated Assessment and Centralized Intake

Data collection is crucial to the success of any Centralized Intake and Coordinated Assessment model. These best practices for Centralized Intake include...

Centralized Intake: The Role of Usable HMIS Applications

Centralized Intake poses numerous challenges, all of which can be addressed via a user-friendly HMIS platform. Software usability is vital to successful...

9 Reasons Why The VI-SPDAT is the Standardized Assessment Tool of Choice

Determining which standardized assessment tool is best for your CoC? Clarity Human Services explains how the VI-SPDAT helps CoCs meet HUD's requirements.