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We Have the Solutions You’re Looking For

Bitfocus acts as both System Administrator and software vendor. No other company in the industry can make this claim. As a result, our team is able to combine case management software (Clarity Human Services), System Administration, Data Migration & Integration, and Policy Planning & Analysis into a service offering you can’t find anywhere else.

We understand software, and we understand the experience and expertise needed for effective project leadership, public policy compliance, and performance reporting. At Bitfocus, we take the time to know the ins and outs of your community, and we work with you to address your specific needs and provide you the best possible solutions.

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Case Management Software

The modern and user-friendly interface of Clarity Human Services empowers your community to meet and exceed industry challenges.
  • Compliance with data collection requirements
  • Sophisticated real-time reporting
  • Cohesive interagency collaboration
  • Seamless coordinated intake, assessment, and referrals

System Administration

With our level of Human Services expertise, you can trust us to take care of your system’s day-to-day operations with both efficiency and ease.
  • Facilitate coordinated entry activities
  • Act as a liaison among partner agencies
  • Provide efficient customer support and training

Data Migration & Integration

With our team of experts and established history of success, we know what it takes to migrate and integrate data across a diverse range of systems.
  • Timely approach to your biggest projects
  • Clean, consistent, and secure data
  • Simple data import/export tools
  • High standards of data integrity throughout the process

Policy Planning & Analysis

We help you understand your data so you can use it to proactively inform decisions surrounding your community programs and policies.
  • Program and system planning and analysis
  • Customized reports and data visualization
  • Centralized data and services
  • Decision-making support

With over 20 years of experience in providing these services to Human Services providers, we know how to engage and respond to the needs of a diverse group of users and community members.