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Meet Our Founder, Robert Herdzik

Robert Herdzik has spent over 15 years in the field of software engineering, 12 of which have been devoted to the design of HMIS data systems. His vision for the design of Clarity Human Services software has been substantially shaped by Bitfocus’ 10-year tenure as HMIS System Administrator for the State of Nevada, and more recently as HMIS system administrator for San Francisco, Seattle / King County, Marin County, and Santa Clara County.

As President and CEO of Bitfocus, Robert owns the company vision. He builds the culture of shared attitudes, goals, behaviors, and values that characterize the Bitfocus staff. He is devoted to driving the development, design, testing, and modification of the Clarity Human Services application in ways that make it the industry frontrunner.

His personalized communication with customers enables him to truly understand their needs. He combines this holistic understanding with his ability to harness the exceptional expertise of his employees in order to create and maintain the data-driven culture that characterizes both our company and our customers.

Meet the Bitfocus Team

Bitfocus staff is a powerhouse blend of IT professionals and Human Services experts, comprising nearly 50 dedicated individuals. Bitfocus is staffed with a powerhouse team of the most innovative—not to mention the most creative— user interface designers and software developers in the industry. Our staff is also exceptionally experienced in the field of Human Services, with over a dozen members of the Bitfocus Leadership Team having served in key leadership roles in Human Services. The depth and breadth of our experience enables us to empower communities to better leverage their resources, helping them adopt data-driven strategies in all areas of health, human, and social services.