Policy Planning and Analysis

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Building Data-Driven Communities

We believe data is key to a community’s ability to make decisions and design systems that advance social change.

We partner with communities to build a data-driven culture. We apply our industry expertise to the services we offer in reporting, data analysis, and decision support for system planning and evaluation.


We help you throughout the entire reporting process—from ensuring high quality data collection, to storing data in one central location, to generating standard and custom reports.

  • Train individual end-users to fully understand the impact of HMIS data, increasing their ownership over the quality of data entered
  • Centralize HUD-compliant data systems for service tracking and reporting
  • Provide a wide array of comprehensive reporting tools, and a firm understanding of each tool’s purpose and potential
  • Assist with the development of complex reports such as the AHAR, APR, ESG CAPER, Performance Measurement Reports, VI-SPDAT, and many more
  • Develop custom reports at the direction of the community

HMIS data, regardless of its level of quality, isn’t useful unless it’s understood—and it’s value is null unless it’s presented in a digestible, understandable format. We help you make good use of your data.

  • Create and extract information through our comprehensive Data Analysis Tool
  • Analyze HMIS data to identify trends and performance toward community-wide goals
  • Apply industry experience and expertise to understand how data and outcomes are interrelated within context of the community
  • Support data visualization efforts to present critical information to stakeholders, from PIT count results to issues related to HMIS implementation

With our team’s extensive experience and expertise in the field, we are available to mentor your community and provide ongoing decision support services.

  • Use data analysis to help communities with system-level planning, management, and evaluation
  • Work with communities to create coordinated entry systems, enhance outreach models, improve housing placement processes, maximize proper resource utilization, and more.
  • Provide user forums, roundtables, and data visualization techniques to inform stakeholders and the general public about operations and data findings.

Understand the Story Your Data Is Telling You

Oftentimes, valuable information will be hidden within HMIS data, undetectable by even the most sophisticated reports. Many organizations have ‘hunches’ regarding the patterns they believe lie within their data, but these patterns remain stubbornly hidden within the data.

Data visualization enables you to clearly and efficiently present information by portraying the particular data at hand.


Our team works with your community to help you find and understand the story the data is telling you.


Our team helps you tell this story to your audience (such as funders and stakeholders) in a way that is understandable and easy to digest.

There’s no question. When you understand what’s working within your organization and community, you’re empowered to make decisions faster and with confidence. Our team can help you get there.