Bitfocus Proudly Welcomes the State of Washington!

Bitfocus Proudly Welcomes the State of Washington!

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“The collective capacity of our compassion and commitment is greater than the depth of this challenge.”

State of Washington’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness A Road Home

We are excited to join Washington’s journey as they work to end homelessness by 2018. Washington has embraced an overarching policy principle: Homelessness is as a complex socio-economic problem that requires a multi-part and permanent solution.

As such, the State of Washington has developed new innovations to address homelessness, including cutting edge models of supportive housing, such as their local Safe Haven Program where permanent ‘low threshold’ harm reduction housing is offered to men and women with dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse.


HMIS Coordinated Intake Features

The Clarity Human Services HMIS provides Washington full access to industry-leading HMIS Coordinated Intake features such as the following:


Referral Management

  • Sophisticated Waitlist Maintenance Functionality, including Community Queue functionality for referral processes and direct, real-time interaction with the Reservation System.
  • Functionality that allows the user to automatically refer clients to eligible programs while simultaneously making bed/unit reservations, tracking communication, and tracking approvals/denials through an integrated interface with the ability to securely communicate with other agencies/departments.
  • The ability to review real-time housing program availability before referral with real-time bed/unit, program, and voucher availability numbers plotted and graphed.
  • Designated Matchmakers can view all available programs within the Community Queue, and re-assign or deny referrals, or set referrals to Pending.
  • System Administrators can assign Navigators, who are responsible for managing staff assignment to referrals in the Community Queue.


Powerful Assessments

  • Comprehensive VI-SPDAT Integration drives Coordinated Access functionality using the VI-SPDAT score to prioritize clients according to Housing-First initiatives. Also powerful Eligibility Determination Engine to allow for seamless transitions between each step of the intake, assessment, and referral process.
  • Interactive and Fully Customizable Dynamic Assessments, including a standardized assessment tool designed specifically for Coordinated Access.
  • Customizable database field designer and screen editor that allow the System Administrator to easily create targeted assessments that accurately depict client need and status, as well as manage program and service requirements.


Referral Ease-of-Use

  • Document icon feature allows the end-user to quickly determine at a glance whether a client has all necessary documents required by the program.
  • Referral Connections feature enables the case manager can link a referral to the program enrollment prior to referral processing, thus maintaining program status while also auto-completing the referral.
  • When referral options are limited, the caseworker can refer a client directly to the Community Queue with no referral to an actual agency/program.


Secure Data Sharing, Messaging, and Notifications

  • State-of-the-art Referral Notification System based on real-time interactions with the client record.
  • Customizable and completely secure cross-agency data sharing capabilities and/or secure inter-departmental sharing.
  • In-system referral communication system that provides secure email-based and internal system-based messaging to document referral communication.


Through an enduring commitment by all of their constituents, Washington will achieve their vision to address homelessness by providing the most vulnerable members of their community with the outreach, emergency interventions, housing, services, and opportunities for independence they need.

Bitfocus is excited to be part of this collective effort!

2017-10-25T15:18:43+00:00 November 17, 2015|