Bitfocus Proudly Welcomes Contra Costa!

Bitfocus Proudly Welcomes Contra Costa!

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Bitfocus, the company behind Clarity Human Services, is pleased to announce our partnership with the Contra Costa CoC. We are excited to be a part of their innovative plans to address homelessness in their community.

The Contra Costa plan to end homelessness is data-driven and comprehensive. In their strategic plan, Forging Ahead Towards Preventing and Ending Homelessness, the Contra Costa Interagency Council on Homelessness states:

“Homelessness is a housing-first issue, and necessary supports and services are critical to help people remain housed. Our system must be nimble and flexible enough to respond through the shared responsibility, accountability, and transparency of the community.”

The Contra Costa Strategic Plan is shaped around 5 modules:

  1. Permanent Housing
  2. Prevention
  3. Coordinated Assessment
  4. Performance Standards
  5. Communication

Contra Costa’s data-driven efforts have paid off. In the past 10 years they’ve established a 40 percent increase in HUD CoC Program federal funding and a 38 percent increase in the total number of persons served.

Contra Costa has also launched the Zero: 2016 initiative to end veteran homelessness through the creation of a veteran by-name list. This list is a data and case management tool to identify the number of homeless veterans and track how many are housed and how many are entering or returning to homelessness each month.

The infographic below illustrates a 31 percent decrease in the number of homeless veterans in the last 12 months.


  • “Housed” (green) represents the number of people permanently housed that month.
  • “Inactive” (blue) represents people who have been designated “inactive” because they have not had contact with our homeless service system in 120 days.
  • “Inflow” (yellow) represents people who are new to the homeless system.
  • “Returned to Homeless” (orange) represents people who were designated inactive/housed and have returned to homelessness.

As a data-driven company, Bitfocus looks forward to partnering with Contra Costa in their continuous efforts to end homelessness in their community.

Together with our partner communities we are leading the conversation on how software and data can transform the delivery of homeless services. Our innovative and sophisticated tools are helping communities such as Contra Costa improve performance, unify systems of care, and make meaningful progress towards ending homelessness.

2017-10-25T15:18:42+00:00 December 24, 2016|