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Homeless Services

Key Features of the Clarity Human Services HMIS Solution

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The End User Drives Our HMIS System Design

The modern and user-friendly interface of the Clarity Human Services Homeless Management Information System empowers Continuums of Care to focus on helping members of their community achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Technology should be a tool for success, not a barrier. The Clarity Human Services HMIS is so user-friendly and customizable that it breaks technology barriers of any level. This means our customers can focus on their clients, not their software.

With Clarity Human Services HMIS software, CoCs are equipped to meet and exceed industry challenges—with quality HUD-compliant data collection, sophisticated real-time reporting, and cohesive interagency collaboration throughout the coordinated intake, assessment and referral process.

100% Data Quality Guarantee

Change is the nature of the Human Services industry. This is why we designed the Clarity Human Services Homeless Management Information System to be fully customizable—all the way down to the single data field.

Nobody knows CoC needs better than the system administrator, which is why Clarity Human Services enables system administrators to customize their HMIS installation with minimal guidance from outside resources.

All Clarity Human Services HMIS data collection screens are fully compliant with the most recent HMIS Data Standards, including the Universal Data Elements, Program-Specific Data Elements, and Metadata Elements. Our staff has, on average, 12 years of HMIS experience, making us the forerunners in HMIS policy and requirements.

Coordinated Entry – Assessment & Referral

Clarity Human Services Homeless Management Information System is designed to allow for streamlined coordinated intake, assessment, and referral with waitlisting capabilities, as well as an integrated reservation system. Sophisticated sharing features ensure safe data exchange (down to the client level) between agencies, programs, and even organizations.

  • Manage all aspects of Coordinated Assessment within your HMIS system
  • Interactive, fully customizable, and dynamic HUD-compliant assessments
  • Standardized assessment tool creation for Coordinated Assessment

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Powerful real-­time reporting capabilities enable quality data collection and analysis to measure client progress. Reports are equipped with multi-­tiered drill-down capabilities.

Clarity Human Services HMIS software also provides a user-accessible Report Library, stocked with reports on the client, system, and organization level. Best of all, anyone can use these tools—not just IT professionals.

Using a fully integrated data analysis and visualization tool, a user can easily drag/drop core and/or user-defined fields into a report to create stunning charts and visualizations, including custom geo-mapping.

Focus on Your Client, Not Your Software

Clarity Human Services Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) has continuously been ranked #1 in the industry—and for good reason. It drives the operation of high performing data-driven communities all across the nation.

We pioneer software features for Coordinated Entry, equipping Clarity Human Services with the most advanced and sophisticated tools on the market. Powerful reporting and analytics, as well as the ability to connect to third party tools (e.g. Tableau through direct real-time database connectivity) will enable your CoC to excel amidst the rising standards of Homeless Management Information Systems.

Nearly a dozen members of our Development and Implementation Team have led in an HMIS System Administration or CoC Coordinator role within a CoC environment. Also, as HMIS System Administrators for numerous CoCs, we use Clarity Human Services on a day-to-day basis. This hands-on experience helps us understand the unique needs communities large and small face in supporting a truly functional and integrated HMIS software.


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