Data Migration and Integration

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Your Information—When and Where You Need it Most

We know data is crucial to Human Services—especially when it comes to making sure all your data is secure, connected, and accessible from one place.

With a proven track record of complex data migration and cross-system projects, our multidisciplinary team of experts knows what it takes to integrate and transform data with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.


Experience You Can Trust

We’ve successfully transitioned a diverse range of legacy systems, including every major HMIS product—all while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity. Learn more.

Have Confidence in Your Data

Our team utilizes a variety of tools and techniques to improve data quality and ensure we deliver clean, consistent, and timely data.

Predictable Costs & Timetables

We’re ready to hit the ground running. Our team guarantees a highly targeted and timely approach to your data migration and integration projects.

Take Charge of Your Data

Ready to jump in yourself? Clarity Human Services includes the tools and features you need to build the right solution for almost any use case.

Build Something AmazingBuild Something Amazing

Our well-documented API makes it easy for authorized applications to import and export data across systems, all while maintaining the highest level of data security.

Imports Made Easy Imports Made Easy

Our XML-driven Data Import Tool provides a simple way for authorized users to upload, validate, and import data into Clarity Human Services via a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

We Know What It Takes

Our team at Bitfocus has successfully converted more than 30 communities onto the Clarity Human Services platform, converting data from a broad array of systems—from homegrown to more standardized systems.

We also have an established history of success in numerous completed and ongoing data integrations across multiple software solutions and systems of care. Our software is known industry-wide for its sophisticated data sharing capabilities, and our key team members have nearly 20 years of combined experience in data warehousing and business intelligence.

Our team has the right mix of people, skills, and expertise to build efficient and effective solutions that overcome the toughest data sharing and integration challenges. We’re ready to take on your biggest projects.