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Join a team that’s leading the way in developing the next generation of tools and technology for data-driven communities in the Human Services industry.


At Bitfocus, we’ve seen incredible growth in just a short time period. The Human Services space is constantly evolving, and we get to be an integral part of helping communities become better connected, efficient, and effective in the delivery of housing and services. Our team is key to the life-changing work we do. Team members who embrace innovation and data-driven strategies, commit to a high level of expertise in everything they do, and approach each customer relationship as a partnership—this is what makes Bitfocus the industry frontrunner. We are always looking for new team members who share our company’s vision, culture, and values.

Our unique product and service offerings require a staff equipped with a multi-dimensional array of skill sets. This means that we attract a wide spectrum of talent, ranging from IT support specialists, software developers, marketing specialists, solution consultants, all the way to public policy and social services professionals.


Primary Talent Categories

Custom Software Development

Our team of highly skilled engineers is constantly developing industry-leading methodologies, tools, and techniques that add value to our users. When an upgrade is required, we provide advance notice of when the maintenance will take place, which generally lasts under 5 minutes.

We design case management software applications for a specific user and/or group of users within an array of Human Services organizations. As such, our software is designed to address their needs precisely as opposed to the more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software.

Top Skills and Positions:

  • UI/UX designers/developers
  • Full-stack web and product developers
  • Mobile engineers
  • IT project managers
  • Cloud architects/integration
  • Data scientists

Human Services Policies and Planning

Change is the norm in the Human Services industry. While continuous fluctuations in Federal, state, and local requirements shows hope for innovative social change, it also means that case management software companies need to be experts in these requirements in order to ensure continuous software compliance.

Clarity Human Service is staffed with Human Services experts that enable us to be proactive—not reactive—to the ongoing changes to policy and requirements. Our extensive experience and diligent efforts to maintain professional connections at all levels makes us privy to upcoming changes in requirements, while also making us leaders in the field.

Top Skills and Positions:

  • Business analysts
  • Industry policy experts
  • IT administration analysts
  • Fiscal management analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Data system administrators

System Administration and Project Management

We are the only software company in the Human Services industry to act as both vendor and system administrator. As such, our system administration team has a unique understanding of the challenges involved in operating high-performing systems in the Human Services industry.

System administrators and project managers work with their respective communities to enhance the community-wide effectiveness of services and data systems. This includes project and system performance, reporting requirements, end user training, and decision support. We’re continuously selected as system administrator for a growing number of communities, so we’re always looking to expand our system administration team.

Top Skills and Positions:

  • System administrators
  • Project managers and planners
  • Policy analysts
  • Data specialists
  • Fiscal management analysts

IT Professionals and Helpdesk Support

Clarity Human Services is known for our flawless, streamlined software implementation process. Above all things, this process relies heavily upon collaboration. As such, our IT and software implementation professionals have uncanny communication skills, and we need this trend to continue.

We are well-known in the industry as leaders in customer service. This probably stems from the fact that we were once a small company that developed close, friendly, and collaborative relationships with each of our customers—and this hasn’t changed a bit, despite our exponential growth and influx of new customers.

Top Skills and Positions:

  • IT managers
  • Helpdesk managers/specialists
  • Software implementation analysts
  • Data architects
  • Data analysts
  • Implementation project managers

Open Positions

Bitfocus has a rapidly growing team. Our unique product and service offerings require staff equipped with a multi-dimensional array of skill sets. This means that we attract a wide spectrum of talent, ranging from IT support specialists, software developers, marketing specialists, sales representatives, al the way to public policy and social services professionals. Our open positions are linked on the portal below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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