Tauri Royce

Director: Customer Success and Development

As the Senior Project Administrator for the State of Nevada and its three Continuums of Care, Tauri spearheads the overall HMIS project development, implementation, evaluation, and day-to-day operations, including the routine evaluation of HMIS activities and analysis of data generated by the system. Since 2007, Tauri’s dedication to this role has driven the expansion of the Nevada HMIS system from a 9-agency, 50-user, single CoC implementation into a statewide multi-CoC 1,400+ user system for the entire State of Nevada. She works tirelessly to increase awareness of the CoC activities, and create interest in membership and HMIS participation throughout the community. She acts as the liaison between the three Continuums of Care, community partner agencies, stakeholders. She also leads the generation and submission of program and community-level data products and reports from the Clarity Human Services HMIS, including the Exhibit 1 consolidated application to HUD, the Annual Housing Assessment Report (AHAR), and other community performance measure analysis and reporting. Her background and extensive experience enable her to evaluate data thoughtfully and to deliver information products based on analysis, integrate the needs of new programs (e.g., VA, ESG) on HMIS for data collection and reporting, and also develop new data entry and reporting protocols.


Tauri has over 10 years of HMIS experience, with a strong background in analytics and project management. She also has field experience, having worked with clients in senior centers and youth organizations in low-income neighborhoods within the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. This blend of technical expertise, human services field experience, and HMIS/homeless systems experience makes Tauri an invaluable resource for both the State of Nevada and Bitfocus.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”
~Maya Angelou

Skill Set

  • Policy Analysis
  • Software training
  • Reporting
    Data Analysis
  • System
  • HMIS Leadership
  • Coordinated Entry
  • CoC governance
  • Data Privacy and
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Service
Years of Industry Experience

Las Vegas