Mary Shaw

System Administration

As an HMIS Systems Analyst, Mary works closely with Seattle / King County service providers, stakeholders, analysts, developers, and Bitfocus management to identify and resolve complex software and business problems, develop and prepare Clarity Human Services software, as well as being responsible for the execution of various other projects. She contributes to the ongoing analysis of Continuum of Care coordination efforts for Seattle / King County, federal reporting requirements, partnering agency data analysis, and special projects data obtained from a variety of sources. She works with customers to develop and understand product specifications, and help them to develop methodologies for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data that are appropriate for their particular business operations. She also supports the analysis of Seattle / King County HMIS data, and delivers the information based on this analysis to the community and stakeholders. Mary acts as a primary liaison between Bitfocus and Seattle / King County community partners.


Prior to joining Bitfocus, Mary spent 17 years with City of Seattle Human Services Department, primarily working with homeless youth services. She also spent 10 years as Director of Planning with United Way of King County, contributing to HMIS oversight efforts. Mary also had formal teaching experience in higher education, instructing field education and program evaluation courses at University of Washington School of Social Work. Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW).

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”
~ John Muir”

Skill Set

  • Policy Analysis
  • Software training
  • Reporting
    Data Analysis
  • Report development
  • HMIS Leadership
  • CoC governance
  • Data Privacy and
  • Legal
  • Strategic planning
  • Social Work
  • Direct Services
  • RHY/Youth
  • Domestic Violence
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Service
Years of Industry Experience