Joel Remigio

Senior Analyst

Senior Implementation Analyst; Federal Compliance
Joel brings extensive industry experience to Bitfocus, with 25 years experience in social services, including 14 years experience in HMIS project management, administration, and technical service. Joel has also services as an NHSDC Board Member.


Joel’s extensive industry experience, knowledge, and unique skill set enables him to provide multifaceted contributions to the Implementation Team. He oversees customer relationships and touch-point feedback, and manages related training and communication. As part of these efforts, he also works closely with new and existing customers to ensure that all implementations remain compliant with federal and local regulations.


NHSDC Board Member

“Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.”
–George Carlin

Skill Set

  • Policy Analysis
  • Reporting
    Data Analysis
  • Data Migration

  • System
  • HMIS Leadership
  • CoC governance
  • Data Privacy and
  • Strategic
  • RHY/Youth
  • PATH
Years of Industry Experience