Anna Hung

Manager: Major Projects Team

As Director of Implementation at Bitfocus, Anna Hung ensures that our customers are 100 percent satisfied with their software implementations. Anna and her team collaborate closely with each new customer to customize their Clarity Human Services installation in ways that meet their needs. She serves as the lead liaison between the functional/technical leads and the PMO/Project Sponsor/ Governance Committee. She leads the initial kickoff meetings and subsequently strategizes and executes the Project Plan according to the unique needs of each customer.


Anna Hung has more than 7 years of experience serving as HMIS System Administrator or in a similar role. In addition, among other collaborations, Anna has partnered with the San Francisco-based, non-profit legal and HUD technical assistance agency HomeBase. She also served as a CoC Meeting Facilitator and HMIS Lead Agency and Collaborative Applicant for CA-518 Vallejo/Solano County Continuum of Care. Her expertise in local, state, and Federal policy surrounding HMIS and Human Services data systems allows her to prepare software implementations that are not only fully customized to customer specifications, but are also in compliance with policies and requirements. Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California Davis, with a minor in Global and International Studies.

“Ordinary eyes categorize human beings”
~ Rumi

Skill Set

  • Policy Analysis
  • Software training
  • Reporting
    Data Analysis
  • Data Migration
  • Data Integration
  • System
  • Report Development
  • HMIS Leadership
  • Coordinated Entry
  • CoC governance
  • Data Privacy and
  • Strategic
  • Section 8
  • RHY/Youth
  • PATH
  • Domestic Violence
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Support
Years of Industry Experience