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Erica is the Director of Industry Relations at Bitfocus.

Mental Illness and Homelessness: 3 Ways Communities Can Help

How can service providers better help those experiencing both mental illness and homelessness? Here are three solutions.

Three Steps to Highly Successful Coordinated Assessment

A successful Coordinated Assessment model requires three basic processes: Determine Client Need, Precise Program Assignment, and Share Data Securely.

Best Practices: Data Collection for Coordinated Assessment and Centralized Intake

Data collection is crucial to the success of any Centralized Intake and Coordinated Assessment model. These best practices for Centralized Intake include...

Centralized Intake: The Role of Usable HMIS Applications

Centralized Intake poses numerous challenges, all of which can be addressed via a user-friendly HMIS platform. Software usability is vital to successful...

9 Reasons Why The VI-SPDAT is the Standardized Assessment Tool of Choice

Determining which standardized assessment tool is best for your CoC? Clarity Human Services explains how the VI-SPDAT helps CoCs meet HUD's requirements.

Coordinated Assessment: The Remedy for a Fractured Service Infrastructure

This article discusses what a coordinated assessment system is, as well as the structure and key elements of a successful coordinated assessment system.

Domestic Violence and Homelessness: History and Summary of VAWA 2013

This article discusses the relationship between domestic violence and homelessness, a brief history of VAWA, and the implications of the 2013 VAWA.

Homeless Female Veterans: Creating Hope for Housing, Safety and Opportunity

Homeless female veterans are not receiving adequate services due to a lack of quality data, highlighting the need for sophisticated HMIS solutions.

Health and Homelessness: How CoCs Can Help

CoCs can use coordinated assessment to address physical, mental, and behavioral health issues among those experiencing homelessness in their communities.

Why Homeless Case Management Documentation Is the Foundation for Effective Services

Many experts agree that one particular case management responsibility is of utmost importance—HMIS documentation. Here's why.